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Pink Lady Bundle

Pink Lady Bundle

SKU: P121664
$47.00 Regular Price
$37.60Sale Price

Escape to a tropical paradise with Pink Lady, the ultimate taste of refreshment. This beloved beverage captures the essence of summer with its cool and invigorating fusion of watermelon and lemon. Each sip transports you to sun-kissed shores and crystal-clear waters, awakening your senses with a burst of irresistible flavors. Embrace the joy of summer and treat yourself to the delightful escape that Pink Lady offers. Experience the pure bliss of an island indulgence and savor the essence of tropical paradise in every sip. Discover why Pink Lady is a fan-favorite, as it takes your taste buds on a journey beyond the ordinary.


Ingredients: Watermelon, Lemons, Limes, Cane Sugar, Essence

  • Care Instructions

    Shelf Life: 7 days. Perishable. Keep Refrigerated. 

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