Sip + savor is a family-owned venture I created to honor my family's culture, heritage as well as my mother’s ability to always make guests feel at home when they visited. She would initially greet my friends as if they were her own friends and offer them a chilled glass of Lymonade or Ginger Beer. A few of my friends were unfamiliar with Ginger Beer and my Mom, being the salesperson she is, would tell them “I’ll give you a little to taste, then you can let me know if you like it”. They would all ask for more. My mother would then smile and in true form present them with a tall glass of deliciousness in her finest china. I would joke that they should be excited to dine with the Queen! 


One day while taking all of these memories into consideration, I thought why not share this special joy with others? Make it in small batches to reduce the use of as many preservatives as possible while making sure to capture the love, culture, and essence that is family in every bottle. I didn’t know how to get everything done but I knew from watching my Grand-mother aka Grams from childhood, it was possible! She lived in Antigua and from scratch built up a shop and created wealth for her (4) children when there was none. She not only took care of her children but helped others whenever she could. 


In her passing, I knew she always wanted someone else in our family to carry on her business or at least have an entrepreneurial spirit to start their own. While my background has always been in fashion, I wanted to make this happen. Instead of running for the hills, while keeping her hopes and dreams for my future in mind, I decided to develop my products. this allowed space for Sip + Savor to not only be a possibility but it became something I wanted to create, nurture and grow. 

I asked my mom for help and began making batches with her in our Family kitchen. We sold to whoever was interested and willing to purchase. My sister Monica, also decided to get in on the action knowing she would be able to provide her skillset to take things to another level. We have been selling to friends and family. While it has been a work in progress and we are still growing, with the help and support of friends and family this family business plans on staying the course and sharing this goodness. With your purchase, there’s no way we won’t succeed. We thank you for your love and support on this journey. 


Welcome to a different experience!